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Nothing says comfort the way a can of Campbell’s soup does. It brings back memories of snow day lunches and holiday casseroles. While I don’t often turn to Campbells, every now and then I do, and this mushroom pork tenderloin hits the spot! 





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  • 2 lbs pork tenderloin
  • 8 ounces baby bella mushrooms
  • 1 can Campbells roasted mushroom and garlic soup
  • 2 tsp pork seasoning (I used Penzys Bavarian Seasoning)


  • Trim the fat from the pork tenderloin. Place meat in the crock pot.
  • Sprinkle seasoning over the meat.
  • Place mushrooms on top of pork. If the mushrooms are large, you might want to halve or quarter them.
  • Cover the meat and mushrooms with the soup.
  • Cover and cook for 6 – 8 hours on low.


 Pork tenderloin - the star of this dish!
When my husband and I bought our house, it did not have a washer and dryer installed.  A few weeks before we closed on the house, we went to the local Sears to buy a set.  While we were there, I told him I wanted to look at freezers.  He was confused and kept asking why we needed a freezer.  I told him we did.  He didn’t argue too much since I was footing the bill for the appliances.  It did not take him long to realize why I needed a freezer.  Really, he only had to wait until one of the local Harris Teeter’s big meat sale. 
I tend to take advantage of stock up sales, and when the grocery store offers buy one, get one sales on pork tenderloins, it’s pretty hard to pass up.  Moment of truth: I didn’t cook pork tenderloins, or much pork other than bacon and sausage, before this sale.  But with this sell too good to pass up, pork tenderloins rotate frequently into our meal plans.
Harris Teeter’s buy one, get one pork tenderloin sale tends to run the same time as their buy one, get two free bags of shrimp sale.  I easily fill a shelf or two in my freeze on this sale week.
What I love about pork tenderloins is how well they cook in a crock pot.  Pork can be tough to cook, it easily can dry out, but the crock pot locks all that moisture in.  Pulled pork, pork and apples, pork carnitas, if it’s a pork crock pot meal, I usually use a tenderloin, no matter what the original recipe calls for. 
The inspiration for this meal was actually an attempt to clean out my pantry and use up some canned goods nearing best buy dates.  I found the can of Campbells’ Roasted Mushroom and Garlic soup and immediately thought of my pork tenderloins.
Pork with Bavarian Seasoning in the crock pot
I start as I always do with the pork by trimming the fat.  I find that the tenderloins don’t tend to have a lot of fat on them, but every now and then there’s a chunk that can come off.  Once clear, I put the meat in the crock pot.
I then sprinkle some seasoning over the pork.  Right now, I really like Penzys Bavarian Seasoning for pork, but you can use your favorite pork seasoning.  If you don’t have a blend or mix you like, just go with the classic – salt, pepper, garlic powder.
Mushrooms.  I used baby bellas - they're hardier than other mushrooms and have a nice meaty taste!
Next add your mushrooms to the pot.  If you have sliced baby bellas, just spread them over the pork.  If you have whole mushrooms, you might want to halve or quarter them.
Pork, mushrooms, soup, and spices, all in the pot!
Next, spread the soup over the mushrooms and pork.  You might have notices I sprinkled some more of the Bavarian Spice mix on top of the soup.  Place the cover on the crock pot and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours, or on high for 4.
When the pork is cooked, carefully remove it from the crock pot and slice.  Spoon the mushrooms over the pork and serve.
Gravy is a lot of trial and error.  Here the gravy is bubbling and thickening.
Optional step: make some gravy!  The liquid left in the crock pot is very thin, but can be used to make a gravy.  I’ve seen lots of recipes for gravy.  I’ll tell you how I make mine, but I haven’t found an exact recipe that works every time, so there’s a bit of trial and error here. 
Use a ladle to remove some liquid and set aside.  In a bowl, place a few tablespoons of flour.  Add water to the flour slowly, mixing until the mixture is smooth, but not runny.  You might need to go back and forth adding water and flour until you get the right balance.  Place a pan or pot on the stove.  Add the liquid from the crock pot and heat to medium.  Slowly add some of the flour mix to the liquid and stir.  As the liquid cooks, it should thicken.  If it’s not thick enough, continue to add the flour mix and stir until it reaches the desired thickness. 
 Mushroom Pork Tenderloin


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 Nutritional information for the Mushroom Pork tenderloin: 214 calories per serving, 6.4 grams fat, 2.7 grams carbs, 35 grams protein

Hey, did you know we opened a store?  Now you can find great tools to make cooking even easier.  You know, I really wish I had had this great straining ladle to make that gravy!  Check it out.  

Oh yeah, we still do meal plans too!

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