About Hoppin Meal Plans

Life keeps us hoppin doesn’t it?  Hopping to work, to the store, running errands, date nights and play dates.  No matter what keeps you hopping, you could probably use some shortcuts to make life little easier. 

Hoppin Meal Plans was born out a solution to a simple problem I had: how to plan out meals for my family, and spend less time doing it. 

Let me first say, I love cooking.  I love experimenting with new recipes, trying new foods, exploring new tastes.  I even like grocery shopping.  What I don’t like is the planning .  Finding recipes, making the grocery list, figuring out if this is going to work with what ever WW plan I’m on, all of these things take time.

And who doesn’t want to have more time? 

I created a simple program to use at home to build my own list based on my collection of recipes.  When several friends mentioned they would love a copy of it, the idea for Hoppin Meal Plans was born.  Here, you can explore recipes, find new and interesting kitchen products, but most importantly, you can find complete meal plans.  A collection of dinner each week for you and your family, complete with a shopping list to make your trip to the grocery store a breeze. 

Imagine not pouring over a cookbook trying to pick a recipe.  Not searching your fridge at night as the kids ask again, what’s for dinner.  Not coming home to realize you forgot to add that all important ingredient to your grocery list.  Hoppin Meal Plans is the dinnertime solution you need to make your life a little less hectic, and a little more fun!