About Hoppin Meal Plans

I like to cook.  When my husband and I were searching for our forever home, the most common reason for rejection was a small or poorly designed kitchen (short ceilings and doorways that my 6’5” husband kept hitting his head on was a distant second).  I don’t even know why I bothered to look upstairs in the house we bought, since I could pretty much live in the kitchen. 

I also like to grocery shop.  Fresh produce, new spices and seasoning mixes, and even marked down meat that I could freeze and use later made my day.

What I do not like is meal planning.  Deciding what to make, how to make it, how to change it up so I’m not eating and feeding my family the same things all the time.  And even worse, creating the shopping list!  Adding things to it, making sure everything I need for the list is on there (something always got left off) and making sure I wasn’t buying what I already had in my pantry.  Oh, how I hated composing that grocery list!

Then I came up with a solution.  In a former life, pre-motherhood, I was a technical trainer and specialized in end user desktop application training.  In other words, I taught people how to use Microsoft Office.  I made my own database.  I entered the recipes I wanted to make that week and it gave me and neatly organized shopping list that told me everything I needed for the week!

Life was so much easier!  Just punch in a few of my favorites, every now and then add a new recipe to try, press a button, and the list was done!

While talking to a friend once about it, she too lit up.  Like me, she did her meal plans in advance, but was not a fan of the process.  That got me thinking, if I hated the process of creating my meal plans, and others did too, perhaps I could help out by providing meal plans and grocery lists.

And Hoppin’ Meal Plans was born.  Here I strive to develop a meal plan for you that has a variety of dinners for you each week, and includes that most important shopping list (of course, you can always paste that into your favorite grocery pickup or delivery service if grocery shopping isn’t your thing either).